Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra



Shaping The Soundscape

by Jason Neal 2010

for an unamplified laptop orchestra of at least 8 people

Score here.

Moving Theme in Trios

Collaborative Composition - HELO Undergraduates 2010

Score here.

To Follow

by Matthew Bostock 2009

For use with a large or small number of players. Possibility for the 2009 Revolutions gig.


Human Shredders

by Scott Hewitt 2009

For any number of humans with laptops.

Human Shredders, Score Landscape Score


Human Shredders is a combination of human and computer coding. The human performers are placed within a restricted performance environment where there contribution is limited to that allowed by the coded environment.


by Charlie Barnes 2009

A piece for any number of laptop performers.

Stab Score.


by Graham Booth 2009

Faultlines is a large-scale performance piece for laptop ensemble which explores the aesthetics of agency when passing simple sound-generation parameters between players.


Feedback Slide

by Scott Hewitt 2009

For 5 laptop players.

Feedback Slide


For five laptops with variable delay lines and microphones.

  • Players should be dispersed in front of the audience with microphone inputs targeted towards the players, built in webcam microphones are suitable for task.
  • Players require software which creates a variable delay, up to four seconds, with a variable input gain control.
  • Players should manipulate the relative input gain value and the delay length value throughout the composition, though only one value should be changing at any individual point.
  • The purpose of the composition is to create changing sonorities based on the feedback interaction internally and between the laptops consequently experimentation with physical placement is encouraged through rehearsal.
  • FeedbackSlide for CIP is available online, however any other software delay can be used in its place.

by Samuel Freeman, 2008

This piece was composed in response to an invitation from Hewitt to appear with HELO at their first public performance, November 2008.

Comprising four instrumental roles and a score defining how the performance will start and end this is a work that requires players to improvise within the given structures.

Details here.



by Thomas Andrews 2009

For a small group of laptops and one voice.

Spreeeee Score


by Dan Nuttall 2009

To be played by 5 - 10 players, each choosing a different part of the piece to play. i.e. Bass, Melody, Atmospherics etc.



by Philip Rasmbottom 2009

Max patch improvise guide

Can everyone look at the proposed statments and reply saying if they can’t perform any of them, and add your own if you have any good ones.

Proposed Statments.

Good vs Evil

by Dan Nuttall 2010

To be played by a few laptops.


Thearchy Sans Serif

by Samuel Freeman 2010

for three or more unplugged laptops (or similar mobile digital signal processors)


inCode Prime

S.Hewitt 2010

for an un-amplified laptop orchestra of any number seated in a semicircle

Score available here .

Christmas Carol Sonorities

S. Hewitt 2010

For laptops

Score online.

13.1 Surround

HELO Experimental Group 2011

for an amplified laptop orchestra of 13 people

Score here.

Surf Music for Robots

HELO 2011

Details here

Porkys Preview HELO Mix

HELO 2011

Details here