Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra

Shaping The Soundscape

J. Neal 2010

for an amplified laptop orchestra of at least 8 people

‘Shaping the soundscape’ derives from the idea that when art is in its creative process, a soundscape can form part of that development. A very basic art form has been created for use with this laptop composition.

The art is simply coloured shapes placed on a blank canvas, and purely just represents this composition as an idea rather than advertising it as ‘actual art’.


The piece uses visual form to instruct the player what and how to play a selection of prepared sounds. A series of shapes will appear from the top of the screen; their form will determine the sound the player performs, and the colour shows in which style. There’re 4 types of sounds (represented as shapes) particular players can perform, these are:

The shapes will be assigned to members of the group prior to the performance, this is essential so that the player can prepare the material and get to know the others that are also playing the same. Depending on group size, the shapes will attempt to be spread amongst the players evenly. Each shape will have a colour; this denotes the way the sample is played, so therefore it is essential that the sound prepared can change depending on the following:

Each player must prepare their selected material ready for performance, and it must adhere to the following specifications:


Video Score

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