Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra

HELO Players

2011 to 2012

Scott Lyon

2010 to 2011

Jason Neal
Steve Griffiths
Simon Carpenter
Simon Carpenter is a 2nd year student who likes to play with max/msp and ableton
Liam Broadley
I am a second year student with influences including house, techno and electronica. I mainly use Ableton Live.
Ross Bryant
Peter Townsley
Scott Lyon
Adam Washington
Steven Harris
Callum Connell
Adam Norton
Robert Hill
Thomas Gaffigan

2009 to 2010

Tom Andrews
Tom is currently in his final year at Huddersfield University studying Music Technoloy. He enjoys european dance music and experimenting in any possible ways to make new and interesting sounds.
Matt Bostock
Matthew is a final year student at the University of Huddersfield. He has a strong interest in computing technology, and enjoys exploring ways to get more out of the combination of hardware and software.
Dale Gardner
Dale is a final year student.
Daniel Nuttall
Dan Nuttall is a final year music technology student
Philip Ramsbottom
I am a final year music technology student at Huddersfield. I have strong interests in programming - Max/msp/jitter/arduino/PHP/C. etc and try to incorporate this into my performance with in the laptop ensemble.