Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra


The Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra postgraduate group has a separate existence to the HELO directed ensemble.

the new HELOpg blog is here (site deleted but content below).

The HELOpg Calendar, est. Nov 2010 is no more.


The HELOpg Album, LPTP, can be found online here (recorded 2011).


The following list is in addition to occasions when the HELOpg players have performed with or as part of the larger HELO ensemble (such as the HELO/MMU Laptop days).

NoiseBox York

23 September 2011 · 20:00 - 23:30

HELOpg have been booked to play NoiseBox alongside, yaxu and section_9.

The Basement City Screen 13-17 Coney Street York YO1 9QL

31st July 2011 - ii un-conf gig (off ICMC)

13th July 2011 - Electrotextur at Frome Festival

Review of ‘Electrotextur’

25th May - Holmfirth Film festival Music Night

May 25th 2011

Featuring works by Joanna Byrne, Chris Daniels, Charlotte Partt, Luke Reed, Oliver Smith/Ryan Ward, Rozi Fuller, Ashley Dean, HeloPG, and Scott Mc laughlin/Rob Lycett.

20th May - Open Circuit

7pm, 20th May, Lanternhouse, The Ellers, Ulverston UK

featuring HELOpg, Max Stomp, Focal Gaol & OCRA

Facebook Event

Video of Performance

27th January - Noise Upstairs

Kro Bar Manchester, Thursday 27th January, 8pm

Supporting LOUP

More details here.

14th January - NoiseFloor Festival

Stafford University, Friday 14th January, 1.30pm

More details here.

16th December - Byram Event

Byram Arcade, Thursday 16th December, 8pm\\ with added monotron . . .

More details here.

ii Gig #7 Christmas Special

//Tuesday 7th December, 2010 - 8pm - Sleepers Bar, Huddersfield, HD1 5DL, UK//

More details here.

Silicon Rheino II @ Manchester

//Sunday 24th October, 2010 - 3pm - The Chill Zone, John Dalton Building, MMU, Oxford Rd, Manchester, UK//

More details here.

ii Gig #2 HELO @ Sleepers

//Tuesday 19th January, 2010 - 8pm - Sleepers Huddersfield, HD1 5DL, UK// -> More details here. @ Any Which Way

//Friday 13th November 7.30pm - CoffeEvolution, Church Street, Huddersfield UK// -> More details here.

Current Players

Samuel Birkhead

Julian Brooks

Sam Freeman

After getting into the technology of music as a full time pursuit in 2000, partly as a way to continue making music without playing live (bass guitar in grungy/metal rock bands), Sam returned to real time performance in 2005 (as a laptopist).

Scott Hewitt

Scott Hewitt plays laptop.

Adam Jansch

Adam Jansch is a sonic artist currently studying for his Ph.D in music composition at the University of Huddersfield. His current research looks at strategies for freeing the record, the primary medium for mass disseminated music, from its fixity. The outcomes of this research involve a range of artistic implementations – conceptual software, hardware-based pop, media installations amongst them.

For more information on his work go to More on his research is available at

Upcoming Rehearsals

the practice of documenting rehearsals deceased

Previous Rehearsals


Booth, Brooks, Freeman, Hewitt, Jansch



no details


no details


Booth, Birkhead, Brooks, Hewitt, Jansch


Booth, Birkhead, Freeman, Hewitt, Jansch



Booth, Birkhead, Brooks, Freeman, Hewitt, Jansch



Booth, Birkhead, Brooks, Freeman, Hewitt, Papadimitriou,


20101103_helo-pg.mp3 (≈ 30 min)



details lost


Booth, Brooks, Freeman, Hewitt:\
20101006_HELOpg(nrmlzd).mp3 (16min, 15.5MB)



Sam Birkhead, Sam Freeman, Sten-Olof Hellström, Adam Jansch, and Scott
Mc Laughlin \\

!: uploaded at last! -> 20100610_HELOpg.mp3 (18min, 17.3MB) \\

Number 5

~ 18th January 2010\\

Quick and dirty (low level) audio recordings to download :

 * HELOpg-r5a.mp3  * HELOpg-r5b.mp3


Number 4

14th January 2010

Quick and dirty audio recordings to download :

 * HELOpg-r4a.mp3  * HELOpg-r4b.mp3  * HELOpg-r4c.mp3


Number 3

11th January 2010

Quick and dirty audio recording download .


Number 2

29th October 2009

testing set up : 4 x stereo out mixed to pair of 360º Omnidirectional speakers, ≈28minutes recorded

Quick and dirty audio recording download .



22nd October 2009

first gathering of this quartet, small set of speakers each, banter and blasting, ≈25minutes recorded

Quick and dirty audio recording download .