Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra

Posthumous HELO Remarks

These remarks were written by Scott Hewitt June 2018 at the point that the wiki based HELO site was converted into a static site.

HELO ran three academic years from 2008 under my (SH) direction as part of the undergraduate Music program at Huddersfield University. It was briefly sustained after my depature from teaching at Huddersfield University though details of this period are not represent on this site.

Formally from 2009 HELO was complimented by HELOpg a postgraduate group that took advantage of the performance opportunities HELO was unable to do. HELOpg has never formally ceased to exist (though it last played live in 2012) and may celebrate 10 years in 2019 it has a separate web presence at

I would like to thank all those who played with HELO and HELOpg throughout the years and also acknowledge the support of my colleagues at the time within Huddersfield University.

Thank you all.

Scott Hewitt 2018